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Common Types of Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofs come in various types to suit different needs, with some common options being Built-Up Roofing (BUR), Metal Roofing, Modified Bitumen Roofing, Asphalt Shingles, and Green Roofing.

Each type offers unique benefits in terms of durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetics, allowing businesses to choose a roofing solution that best fits their requirements.

Understanding the characteristics of each roofing type can help businesses make informed decisions when it comes to selecting the most suitable option for their commercial property.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) is a common type of commercial roofing that consists of multiple layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabrics. This type of roofing provides excellent protection against the elements and is known for its durability.

BUR systems are highly resistant to damage from foot traffic and weather, making them a popular choice for commercial buildings in Raleigh. The layers in a BUR roof are typically alternated between bitumen and fabrics, creating a strong and waterproof membrane.

With proper installation and maintenance, Built-Up Roofing can have a long lifespan, making it a cost-effective option for businesses looking for reliable roofing solutions in the Raleigh area.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing, a prevalent choice for commercial buildings, encompasses various types that offer durability and longevity.

Standing seam metal roofs are a popular option known for their vertical panels with interlocking seams, providing excellent weather resistance.

Another common type is corrugated metal roofing, recognized for its ridged design that adds strength while remaining lightweight.

Additionally, metal shingle roofs mimic the appearance of traditional shingles but with the added benefits of metal durability.

These metal roofing options are favored for their low maintenance requirements and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for commercial properties seeking long-lasting roofing solutions.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified bitumen roofing systems offer a reliable and durable solution for commercial properties seeking long-lasting protection against the elements. These roofs consist of asphalt-based materials reinforced with fiberglass or polyester to enhance strength and flexibility.

The multiple layers provide excellent waterproofing and resistance to extreme temperatures, making them ideal for Raleigh’s diverse climate conditions. Modified bitumen roofs are known for their ease of installation and maintenance, saving businesses time and money in the long run.

With proper care and periodic inspections, these roofs can last up to 20 years, ensuring peace of mind for property owners. When considering a roofing option that balances performance and cost-effectiveness, modified bitumen roofing stands out as a trusted choice for commercial buildings in Raleigh.

Asphalt Shingles

When considering roofing options for commercial properties in Raleigh, asphalt shingles are a popular choice due to their versatility and cost-effectiveness. These shingles come in various styles, colors, and thicknesses, allowing businesses to customize their roofing to fit the aesthetic of their property.

Asphalt shingles are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions common in the Raleigh area, providing long-lasting protection for commercial buildings. Additionally, they’re relatively easy to install and maintain, making them a convenient choice for many businesses looking to upgrade their roofing.

With proper installation and maintenance, asphalt shingles can offer a reliable and attractive roofing solution for commercial properties in Raleigh.

Green Roofing

Green roofing provides eco-friendly solutions for commercial properties, offering sustainable and energy-efficient alternatives to traditional roofing materials. These roofs are designed to promote environmental benefits by reducing heat absorption, decreasing energy costs, and improving air quality.

Common types of green roofing include intensive green roofs, which support a wide variety of plants and require more maintenance, and extensive green roofs, which are lighter, easier to install, and have lower maintenance needs.

Thermoplastic PVC and TPO Roofing

Thermoplastic PVC and TPO roofing are popular choices for commercial properties due to their durability and energy-efficient properties. These roofing materials are known for their strength, resistance to UV rays, and ability to reflect sunlight, reducing cooling costs for businesses.

PVC roofs are typically more flexible, while TPO roofs offer excellent puncture resistance. Both options are easy to install and maintain, making them cost-effective solutions for commercial buildings. Additionally, they’re environmentally friendly as they can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

With their long-lasting performance and energy-saving benefits, thermoplastic PVC and TPO roofing systems are ideal choices for businesses looking for reliable and sustainable roofing solutions.

Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roof repair is crucial for maintaining the integrity of a commercial building. From fixing leaks and damage to addressing issues with drainage systems, these repairs are essential to prevent further damage.

Understanding the common types of commercial roof repairs can help property owners address issues promptly and effectively.

Common Commercial Roof Repairs

When addressing common issues with commercial roofs, prompt repair is crucial to prevent further damage and maintain the structural integrity of the building. Here are some common commercial roof repairs to be aware of:

  • Leakages: Identifying and fixing leaks promptly can prevent water damage.
  • Membrane Damage: Repairing tears or bubbles in the membrane can extend the roof’s lifespan.
  • Flashing Issues: Properly sealing flashing around vents and edges prevents water infiltration.
  • Ponding Water: Addressing areas where water pools can prevent structural damage and mold growth.

Regular inspections and timely repairs can help businesses avoid costly damages and ensure a safe environment for employees and customers.

Importance of Maintenance for Your Commercial Roof

Regular maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity and performance of your commercial roof. By conducting regular inspections and addressing any issues promptly, you can prevent minor problems from escalating into more significant issues that could compromise the integrity of your roof.

Scheduled maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of your roof, saving you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs or premature replacements. Additionally, a well-maintained roof can enhance the overall appearance of your commercial property, contributing to a professional and well-cared-for image.

Investing in routine maintenance not only protects your roof but also safeguards your investment in your business property, providing peace of mind and security for years to come.

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